The Algorithms

Learn how our novel approach makes it possible to secure your data better and more dynamically than ever before. Our novel combination of particular 3D geometric forms and MIRP Fields enable a triple-layered one-way trap-door algorithm. They work together to create an entire encryption framework that share common features like: bit-granular variable strength, constant speed at any strength, user-selected and distributed strength couplers, split-zippering and 'mass customization' of the algorithms.

The Software

The UberCrypt Framework is not mere math on paper, it is mature and well-tested software running on Windows, OSX and Linux. There is also a Software Development Kit (SDK) with a rich set of APIs to access the power of the UCF from C/C++ and, soon, the UCF will be available as an Amazon AWS Lambda function.

Tools for Cryptanalysis

If you are a crypto-expert, cryptanalyst or other crypto-researcher, you can learn about our crypto-centric reference software and our rich set of python tools for testing and analyzing the UCF's performance.

Leverage the world’s most dynamic encryption to secure your client’s vital and sensitive data.
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The Software

The UberCrypt Reference Software runs on Windows, OSX and Linux.

The Software Development Kit

The UberCrypt SDK offers a rich set of APIs to encrypt, decrypt files and stream buffers, create and verify keys and more. Available to C/C++, .net, JAVA and more developers. Learn more...

The Research

The UCF is a new approach to encryption that leverages 3D Geometry. View the research paper and enter into the research dialog here.

Supple. Speedy. Super-Secure.
More than a cryptosystem, it’s a Crypto-Framework.

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UberCrypt is 9 times faster than AES-256 while 10^155 times stronger!:

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