About Colloid, LLC

Colloid, LLC was founded in 2011 by Joe Chiarella and Greg Mosher as an intellectual property development company. Greg and Joe worked very well together at their last company: Exploit Prevention Labs, Inc. which was sold to AVG Technologies in late 2007. They enjoyed the collaboration so much that they thought they’d do it again.


The first technology to emerge from Colloid is the UberCrypt Framework. Soon, the cloud service, KeyRepository, will launch. Stay tuned for more…



Joe Chiarella
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Joe is the Colloid Member most responsible for the business aspects of Colloid. He is also the crypto-designer for the UberCrypt Framework.


Colloid, LLC is the sixth startup for Joe and his third in the area of cyber-security (PestPatrol acquired by CA in 2004 and Exploit Prevention Labs acquired by AVG in 2007). Joe has experience in product architecture and product management. At AVG he was also responsible for architecting a big data system still critical today to the success of AVG. Joe lead the team that built and managed that system. He has been responsible for data center and IT functions. Joe has two patents awarded and two more pending. He has a strong background in science, math and programming, with a passion for empirical research and testing, but also appreciates the value of trusting informed intuition. He enjoys working with teams to accomplish significant goals. In his community, Joe serves on numerous Boards of Advisors, is active in his local business community and other civic exercises that promote entrepreneurialism.


Greg Mosher

Greg is the Colloid CTO and the Member most responsible for software architecture and engineering. He is the software engineer of the UberCrypt Framework.


Colloid, LLC is the third startup for Greg and his third in the area of cyber-security (PestPatrol acquired by CA in 2004 and Exploit Prevention Labs acquired by AVG in 2007). Greg has experience in software architecture and engineering with a particular focus at the system and network level on the Intel/Windows platform. Greg also has experience with various other technology stacks including web, OSX, Linux and Android. Greg has also lead organizations of over 100 people comprised of software development, data center IT/IS operations, threat research and database professionals. He also has considerable experience with mergers & acquisitions from both sides. Greg has two patents awarded and one pending.

The Engineering Team (in addition to Greg)

Mike Grucz
Infrastructure Engineer

Mike is our “all things engineer”. Experienced with infrastructure, applications development, software engineering and security – Mike covers a lot of territory for us.

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Mike McCarl
Software Engineer, APIs

Mike is primarily responsible for our API software development. He is a long-time assembler, C and other languages software engineer. Mike also knows a LOT about standards-based crypto algorithms, certifications and code.

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James Muir
Software Engineer, KR

Jamie is primarily responsible for our cloud software engineering relative to KeyRepository. He has a broad background in complex systems ranging from financial and geological to pricing and, now, crypto. He has experience with both open source and vendor-based technology platforms.

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