The UberCrypt Software runs on Windows (Vista, 7, 8), Macintosh OSX (10.x) and Linux (Ubuntu) as a command line utility. The Windows version has a GUI (graphical user interface). Two Windows versions are available: a consumer version that is greatly simplified and a more “expert” version specifically designed for crypto-experts to evaluate the underlying math and algorithms of the UCF.
Additionally, a command line utility for generating prime numbers and random numbers is available to researchers.


For developers, we make a rich set of APIs (application programming interfaces) available via our Software SDK. Learn more about that by clicking here


Below you can see a few short videos (via YouTube) that demonstrate the crypto-expert version of the software. More videos are coming soon for the consumer version.

Video Links
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The Basics

This short video shows the most basic functions of the UCF Reference Software. The three goals of the video are: 1) Demonstrate that the UCF is not fiction – it works. 2) Demonstrate the most basic of functions. 3) Show the full diagnostic output feature to illustrate that the UCF is designed to be completely transparent.


Key Streams

The UCF generates key streams of unparalleled periodic length and quality that is indistinguishable from true random. This video shows these values.


User-Selected Strength Couplers

The UCF uses this novel structure that enables the user to easily and intuitively adjust the strength of each and every encryption with easy to choose things – but which completely confound the adversary. This video demonstrates this ability.


Speed vs Strength

The UCF changes the relationship between speed and strength (of encryption). This video demonstrates this relationship in real terms.


Proprietary Forms

The UCF, because of its two novel structures: 3D geometric forms and the MIRP Field, has the ability to support, with ease, a literal infinity of non-standard or proprietary forms of the UCF. This demo of the reference software shows a very simple way to accomplish this using “tilting maypoles”.



The Split/Zipper feature of the UCF is a fun, but highly useful, additional step in the cipher operation. Watch this video to see it in action and better understand what it does.

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The software is available to verifiable citizens and organizations of United States origin only (by Federal Export Law).

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