VARs/Integrators, MSPs & ISVs

If you are a VAR/Integrator, an MSP or an ISV, we can help you secure your client’s data.


As a Value Added Reseller (VAR), Integrator or MSP, you provide your clients with more than just ‘stuff’. Depending on where you are in that ecosystem, you install it for them, build stuff around it to maximize and customize it to their needs or you manage it for them. We can help. Our standalone software does file-based encryption via GUI or, more importantly, via command line utility that can be integrated into any batch or service-based process. For more advanced needs – we also have a rich set of APIs you can use to access the core technology from any C/C++, .net or Java wrapper.


As an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), you live and die by providing your customers/users with the best software/services possible. It seems now that every day we read about another data breach. These happen, by and large, because hackers penetrate perimeter security and then find the crown jewels (data) is laying there completely open and vulnerable. You can easily render the PII, PCI, PHI, and intellectual property (trade secrets) data within your application completely opaque to all hackers – simply by encrypting it with the best crypto on the planet. Our rich set of APIs make securing that data easy and fast. You don’t have to be a crypto expert to use it – we handle all that complexity for you.


Why use the UberCrypt Framework? Here are a few reasons it makes sense for you and your clients:


  • It is simply the most secure algorithm available – ask us how/why we can say that and we’ll come visit you and SHOW you.
  • The UCF employs a unique “layered keys model” that allows you to “distribute” the keys used to encrypt your data – this enables you to set the strength of encryption to what you need – not some predefined strength that someone else dictates.
  • Because of how the UCF works – you don’t have to sacrifice performance to increase the strength; it runs lightening fast regardless of the level of strength you use. So systems capacity planning is easy and performance is always consistent.
  • The UCF supports the ability to “split” the bytes into pieces as it is encrypting so you can distribute the encrypted data in more than one place. This significantly raises the bar for an attacker. It also does wonders for the BYOD problem! Ask us how.
  • Finally, the UCF is built on 3D geometry and there is a standard geometric form that is universally used. However, it is possible to create unique geometries for your application alone. This is tantamount to you having your own unique encryption algorithm that is both public and secret at the same time. Adversaries would never know your unique geometry and so your data is just that much more secure.


The UCF’s APIs are licensed on a simple and extremely generous seat-based royalty model – plus a small upfront customization charge. So you don’t have to take a hit to your bottom line.


Finally, we offer our ISVs a specialized onramp to our KeyRepository cloud-based key management service. We’ll make it compelling for you and your clients to secure your encryption (and other) keys with us. Visit to learn more about this service.


For more information about our Partners program – fill out the form below and we’ll contact you within two business days.

Current ISVs developing/integrating the UberCrypt Framework:



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